Decorative Curb and Concrete Company in Newark, OH specializes in commercial concrete work, offering top-notch services for businesses in need of durable and visually appealing surfaces. From custom-designed curbs to intricately patterned concrete floors, our team ensures quality craftsmanship that enhances both the look and functionality for your business.

Here is a list of those services:

1. Foundation installation and repair
2. Sidewalk construction and repair
3. Parking lot construction and resurfacing
4. Curb and gutter installation
5. Concrete slab pouring and leveling
6. Loading dock construction and repair
7. Retaining wall installation
8. Concrete flooring installation and polishing
9. Concrete overlay and decorative finishes
10. Structural concrete repairs
11. ADA-compliant ramp construction
12. Concrete sealing and waterproofing
13. Concrete demolition and removal
14. Concrete cutting and coring
15. Custom concrete design and installation for outdoor spaces, such as patios and plazas.

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